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Kiribians are closed~ Sorreh~



* You must be watching me
* If the exact number isn't claimed the it may vary from 54,990 to 55,010
* You have to show me a screenshot of the page view number you can send it to me or upload it to dA
* Send me a note with the title 'Kiribain: (number)'

Option 1: Full body sketch max 2 characters
Option 2: Various sketches max 1 character


* debe estar watching me
* Si el número exacto no es reclamado puede variar a partir el 64,990 a 65,010
* Tienen que mostrarme un screenshot del número de pageview y enviarmelo atraves de dA
* Enviarme una nota con el título “Kiribain: (número)”

Opción 1: Un sketch de cuerpo entero max 2 personajes
Opción 2: Varios sketches max 1 personaje

Highlight Stories~


Levi x Reader- Love me - Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The game begins
Sighing you slipped into your jacket. Looking at yourself in the mirror looking closely if any strand of your (h/c) was still visible underneath your brown wig. Sighing once again trying to recall the reason why you had to hide the fact that you’re a woman.
Ah that’s right… They would have immediately have recognized you and send you back home. You just didn’t get why your father couldn’t let save your country, you were the next queen, for god sakes! You had to give the example to your people. What kind of leader would you become if you became a scared little kitten hiding behind Wall Shina? Eating all you could while people starved?
No. You refused to become that sort of person. So you escaped the palace, your father knew very well that you were in the military for which every single girl in the military was searched hence why your boobs were being squashed and your beautiful hair being hidden.
When they didn’t fi

Levi x Reader- Christmas Game
Warning: You're about to read mature and explicit content
“Awww common!”
Shouted Connie obviously trying to convince Mikasa to play a stupid Christmas game. He and Sasha had been going around getting people to agree to play the silly little game to commemorate the day before Christmas.
Mikasa just frowned. She glared at him obviously pissed for all the begging he had been doing for the past ten minutes or so.
“Mikasa! Everybody is playing!”
He began debating with her once more. Tired of his presence she turned around determined to leave the room before she saw Eren coming in. Her eyes sparkled as he headed towards both of them. He smiled at them before asking.
“So are you playing Mikasa?”
She nodded before he could even finish the question. You giggled at this image. Mikasa was one of your closes friends and to anyone who even saw her knew that she had a humongous crush on Eren. Eren smiled brighter oblivious to her feelings. Co

(Modern!AU) Hell is a shade of scarlet- Prologue
It wasn’t the sunrays hitting your eyes that woke you up. It wasn’t the sound of an unfamiliar alarm that woke you up. No, what had woken you up was the shifting of the bed done by some other living thing that wasn’t you. Your eyes flew open and your head started pounding hard, needles to say you had a hangover and a pretty bad one at that. Your eyes seemed blurry but conscious enough to know you were not in your room or anywhere near your apartment.
The mattress shifted once again as the other creature got up and turned of the alarm that had at least been shouting for the last three minutes and a half. You closed your eyes again not wanting to find out just who the hell it was. You were to scared to find that out.
Yesterday had been Hanji’s birthday party and she had rented the whole of Shina dance club for it. You remembered that much, nothing less and nothing more. “So this is what it feels to have memory loss,” You thought as you heard foo

Levi x Reader- Let's play - Chapter 1
Warning: You're about to read mature and suggesting themes
Levi and you had been dating a little over a year now and you had eventually moved in with him. You were currently sitting on his lap sipping some tea while he had his head on you left shoulder fiddling with you hair. You both were watching the sunset. He had moved office not to long ago and the view was stunning.
He kissed your neck and you blushed slightly. He was always surprising you and he always loved your reactions, he wasn’t really the serious and cold-hearted Corporal everybody thought he was, in reality he was much worse; a perverted, sadistic and loving dwarf. You chuckled slightly at the thought. This made him cock an eyebrow up and his grip on your waist tightened.
”What’s so funny?”
He asked a little intrigued at whatever made you laugh, he loved to hear your laugh for which lead him to comply for whatever you wanted him to do, it was simple curiosity that made him ask you. Y

Don't love me - Chapter 1- PawnChapter 1:
Love is a promise delivered already broken
He came close to her smirking slightly. She turned her attention to whatever else that was in her view; she was clearly avoiding him. He licked his lips at the sight of the delicious treat that was served in a red dress. He was gliding toward his property and as he did he could hear all the murmuring that was going around.
There was still quite a distance between them. Her eyes wondered to him and she found determined blue eyes on her, demanding all her attention. A small fake smile made it self present on her face, this action made more guest turn heads; it was the rarest sight to see The Mad Hatter smile, scratch that it was a miracle that she smiled, no one had really seen her smile and the last person you would have thought provoke that smile was the reason behind it.
Still gliding towards her in that careless and bad boy pace he had his smirk grew even wider than anyone though possible. They had been ‘d

Levi X Reader- Remember
You looked right back at the titan’s eyes showing no fear in your eyes. You had done well after all… Killing a good forty titans before you broke an arm and well now being on the filthy hands on one. You knew you’d die this way, every one in the Recons Corps knew they die like this but no one said you couldn’t dream now did they?
You actually had a option of how you picture your self dying you would have chosen to die surrounded by your grandchildren holding your husbands hand smiling at the memories of your life. But that of course is your secret dream, that dream everybody has but would never happen. No. You would make that dream true, you could still fight.
You had sworn you would kill them all for what they did to you. You had been in wall Rose when the colossal titan appeared, you had priority over normal villagers since you were related to royalty, and these saved you and your older brother. When you got back to the safety of Wall Shina your father had ob

Levi x Reader- Come back home - Chapter 1
Warning: You're about to read mature and explicit content
Chapter 1: I came back
You were currently watching, as Eren Jaeger was being judge by his ‘sins’. You laughed at the stupidity of humanity. They were stupid enough not to realize they had right in front of them the key to win against the titans. You looked sideways were Erwin and the new recruits were. Your eyes settled on a smaller figure next to Erwin. A smirk made it self present on your face.
You had your Recon Corps hood covering your face not letting anyone recognise you. It would be rather problematic if they did. You looked at the other side to the people who wanted to sacrifice humanities only hope. You knew that you would have to make your move before this could get out of your control.
You sighed when the stupid military guard pointed a riffle to Eren.
“It’s show time”
You said load enough for certain midget to turn his face. You looked directly at him while you jumped over

Dave Strider x Reader- Marry me - Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The question
You were currently laying in the meadows of the outside of France. You and you’re best friend Dave Strider had finally graduated and both your parents and his brother Dirk gave you as a present a trip through out Europe. This was your first day in France and both of you had decided to stay in the outside of the city to rest for the day. Dave lay closed eyed. You could hear his steady breaths. You turn to look at him; he had both hands underneath of his head as a pillow, one of his legs was folded with the other one on top of it. You smiled you had both finally made it out of high school. You had somehow survived it.
You heard Dave sigh; with his eyes still closed he smirked.
“I can feel you staring. If you want me to strip you only had to ask for it…”
He said and you just laughed at the comment. You had already grown accustomed to his dirty comments and his futile attempts to make you embarrassed.
“Yes Dave, pleas

(Modern AU)Levi x Reader- Dirty Taking- Phone Call
Warning: You're about to read mature and suggesting themes
Story 1: Phone Call
You were currently in your penthouse in New York; with nothing more than one of your boyfriends white cotton button-up shirt and when you say nothing else it means nothing else. You had finally decided to move a month ago and you still weren’t accustomed to the place. It was so… big.
You sighed; you were in the white leather sofa with your legs up reading a book. You hadn’t sighed because the book was bad, it was actually pretty interesting but your mind had stopped comprehending it’s words a few ages back. You sighed again; you wanted Levi to come back. You were missing him too much. You hated his work it always took him away from you. Tired of waiting you sat up in as a brilliant idea come up to your head. A sly smile took possession of your face.
In a fast movement you were up, the rolled up sleeves came undone and they come passed your hands. The shirt was humongous but t

Mah Friends~

My friends~

:iconledonutgirl: :iconvelu235::iconmisssimple1510::iconcallmedani: :iconceliaa26: :icondianacc: :iconelwilliam: :iconalvarezyuvia: :iconpermarie: :iconvale-hime-chan::iconhotaru-aoi: :iconshadowthehedgehog974: :iconnicko5649: :iconyoukubou: :icongagerappertwelve: :iconworldboy1: :icongalfort: :iconsunni-hoshi: :iconoochriiztiinhaoo: :iconwhite-wolf-13: :iconhele1234: :iconsketchssketchs: :iconaznpanda216:

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Chocolates for my Valentine


Contest Winners:

First Place:

Vicent and Victoria -Contest by LeDonutGirl :iconledonutgirl:

My Thoughts: Wishes and Regrets


Haven't you notice how beautifully horrible can things be? Some have their dark side hidden on the darkest corner of their being and some of them have it like if shouting 'bloody murder' and it's so horrifying that no one sane enough would ever come near it. On the other hand the beauty of it's ugliness lays beneath a think layer of misfortune and sadness. The thing is that it doesn't matter if it's beautiful or horrible they are both meant to attract your attention because that what they live from. They breathe your ego and eat out of your calamities. But being the na´ve and blind human we are we can't see that we only see the object of interest. We frown and do everything in out power to get it. They smile cheekily at our love and need out of them. They watch us move in slow motion betting with others what our next move would be to see how much we desire them. That desire that consumes our being and sells parts of us just to get a glimpse of our true wishes our darkest regrets because that's what wishes are. Simple or complex regrets. We wish to go back and fix them or we wish we had done them, to get a chance to do them. To change something that can't be changed is what a regret is and to want to change them is a wish.

To do List:


- Haven't started

- Too lazy to finish

- In process

To do List:

Levi x Reader- Love me - Chapter 11 -

Levi x Reader- Come back home - Chapter 4 -
Dave Strider x Reader- Marry me- Chapter 4 -
Levi x Reader- Let's play- Chapter 2-

Levi x Reader- Dirty Talking - Heat Wave

Levi x Reader- French Vanilla -

DtRH- Cheers for the rich and famous- Chapter 2

Levi x Reader - Hell is a shade of scarlet - Chapter 1

Love Me if You Dare- Chapter 1 ((Re-write))


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Extra Chapters (1500 words)
- No lemons
- Reader Inserts
- Romance, Humour, Tragedy, Drama, Suggestive Themes (mature themes)
- No fantasy unless I'm comfortable with the story line

Note: I can either write in Spanish or English and if you need a sentence or some dialogue in French I could also do that
Chapter 1/ One-shots (1500 words)
Click the image to read the reference

- No lemons
- I can do reader Inserts
- Romance, Humour, Tragedy, Drama, Suggestive Themes (mature themes)
- No fantasy unless I'm comfortable with the story line

For extra chapters see next commission entry

Note: I can in either Spanish or English ((if you need certain french words I can also writte that))


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Hello there my little minions I have decided that all of you deserve to have this journal because I'm so crappy at updating so I made this journal so you can see how the chapters or one-shots are coming along.

;A; :heart: I'm so sorry I'm such a git T^T

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Reader Inserts: 

:bulletblack: Levi x Reader- Love Me - Chapter 12 
 0% Complete by SimplySilent

:bulletblack: (Modern!AU) Levi x Reader- DT- Heat Wave 
50% Complete by SimplySilent

:bulletblack: (Modern!AU) Levi x Reader- DT- Beach Vacations
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:bulletblack: (Modern!AU) Levi x Rader - Hell is a shade of scarlet- Chapter 1
 0% Complete by SimplySilent

:bulletblack: Levi x Reader- Come back home - Chapter 4
25% Complete by SimplySilent 

:bulletblack: (Modern!AU) French Vanilla- Chapter 1 
(Will not be published until Love Me is done)
100% Complete! by SimplySilent

Dave x Reader - Marry Me - Chapter 4
75% Complete by SimplySilent 

Original Stories:

Love Me If you Dare- Re-write - Chapter 1 
25% Complete by SimplySilent 

Cheers for the Rich and Famous - Chapter 2
25% Complete by SimplySilent 

Fan Fiction:

Mondaijitachi ga Isekai kara Kuru sou desu yo?- I don't love him - re-write- Chapter 1
25% Complete by SimplySilent 

My thoughts: A good story


Have you ever read such a good story? a story so perfectly described that makes it imperfect? So well written you just get engrossed with it not understanding a word you reading but you keep reading. Your eyes scan the words and at the end of the paragraph the enchanting and non coherent words finally say something like it talking to you and you only. Whispering maddening but at the same time fantastic and un realistic things and scenes that you are could grab a pen and pencil and draw them as you imagined them. And there torture continues by invading your mind making you sleepy but you just have to keep reading. So you continued until you feel dizzy and your eyelids are falling down and still you keep reading. The whispering spells keep messing with you mind until finally you give up and close your eyes for a second or two.You dream of the story playing your favourite scenes over and over until anxiety over comes you. Your body unwillingly opens your orbs to stare back at the eyes of the devil and you begin chapter 2 just to repeat the process?




Le Moustache Stamp by Leafbreeze7



Hello~:heart: There beautiful people. You can call me Kuro, Usagi, Usagi-chan Kuro Usagi whatever floats your boat =w=

10 Facts about me:

*I absolutely LOVE to write.
*I also LOVE to draw with my tablet
*My birth day is on the 10th of February
*I'm a girl that is hilariously and maddening fun but extremely direct and serious.
*If I don't like you I don't
*I tend to be cold and calculating as I am insanely honest and happy.
*I'm a perv :iconpervyregiplz: My mind has been corrupted!
*I'm the clumsiest person you'll ever meet
*I hate hugs ;A; and have personal space issues
*And my dream is to have twins then a girl and then adopt a girl ~

My hobbies incude:

*Shooting (with guns)
*Football (or soccer for the americans)
*Math :stare:
*Trying extreme things:
- Canopy
- Rapel
- Climb Volcanoes and Mountains

Arigatou for taking the time to see my page~

French 3 by Faeth-designBT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designSpanish lang4 by Faeth-design



Artist Status:
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Frequently asked questions:

1. Q: Do you use a tablet? which one?

A: Yes I do~ Bamboo create :heart:

2. Q: What programs do you use?

A: I would usually use Paint tool Sai BUT My computer died so instead I use photoshop seeing as Paint tool Sai doesn't have pen pressure on Mac.

3. Q: How old are you?

A: You really don't want to ask that.

4. Q: Do you want to befriend me?

A: Of course I do :heart: Just leave a message saying Hi~

5. Q: Do you do point commissions?

A: For the moment they are closed D: Sorry~

If your question wasn't answered please ask me and I'll be glad to answer it~

Ok be honest Why do you HONESTLY watch me? 

68 deviants said I'm in love with your writing
43 deviants said Levi. :stare:
20 deviants said I like everything you do
9 deviants said I still hope you will go back into the Thomarie fandom
3 deviants said I like you (as friends)
2 deviants said Because you watched me :iconpokerfaceplz:
1 deviant said Homestuck :heart:

I'm thinking of re-opening commissions, what would you like me to open? 

18 deviants said Written
7 deviants said Chibis
6 deviants said Sketches
5 deviants said Animations
2 deviants said Full Body
1 deviant said Bust




Character Introductions:

Beautiful drawings drawn by beautiful people for me ;A;

Victoria y Vincent/ Request para ~regicarbonell by LittleKidCocaScan 15 by sashaelespanaC- regicarbonell-Madness rules by gagerappertwelvePC: Vincent by BeeanaPC:Victoria by BeeanaVictoriaXVincent by Vale-Hime-ChanVicent and Victoria -Contest by LeDonutGirlComision kuroousagii-chan by Sunni-HoshiCO: KurooUsagii-chan: Regina by Shinako-tanCommission kuroousagii-chan by UsagiLauPt Comm: Regina by bunnytsuMorgan and Regina by ToxicBrandDanielle ~ Commision para KurooUsagii-chan by LittleKidCocacomision-regicarbonell by celiaa26

Click here for more pictures~


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